Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cycle Source rules!

Big thanks to Chris Callen and Kerri for spreading the word about Cathy's Help on the Cycle Source blog. The Cycle Source team have been our biggest supporters since we started this foundation. Be sure to grab the latest issue on newsstands now or subscribe here,


Since we started this promotion on facebook, we have had 100 wonderful people sign up. Our goal is to get 400 new followers by the end of the month. October is the month that everyone dedicates their time and energy for breast cancer. It’s amazing to have a month to focus on the battle when some issues just have a day.  Our wish is that one day The Cathy's Help Foundation is well known nation wide. The only way to make this possible is for everyone to share our page, and link our blog,

One person can have a dream but it takes a community to make it happen.

Thank you for your friendship and ongoing support

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