Saturday, July 2, 2011

new donations just in

Fab Kevin donated some really nice tshirts and a couple brass knuckle  charms

Brian Elliot from Black Sunshine Customs donated this really sweet tag mount and tail light . Plus a really bitchen  mirror
Pat from Led Sled Customs came through with some super shop shirts and several hats.
Chad Pearson sent in a nice set of bearclaw  bagger floorboards
Ron from ChopDoc sent over two sets of seat springs along with a handle full of men and women's shirts.
Duane Ballard created this hand tooled wallet.

Napa Autoparts in Lilburn, Ga donated a awesome creeper and a low profile floor jack
We still have alot of more donations coming in everyday so keep watching as this stuff grows. Come out to the show and place a bid on some of this stuff and get some raffle tickets . We are going somewhere with this foundation . If you would like to be a sponser of the show let us know . Thanks for all of your help

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