Thursday, July 7, 2011

Music line up

It is awesome when good things happen!!!! Recently Jeremy asked for some local bands to step up and donate their time and talent for the crowd. Well we hit the mother load and have not one but three different bands to entertain you all.

The bands will start around three in the Whistle Post Tavern so do us a favor and help us welcome the following;

Beauregard Higgins is a singer/song writer from Atlanta, Ga. A blend of smooth, soulful island style reggae and indie/folk. Beautiful, Strong vocals with refreshing lyrics. Nothing but heart.

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We also have Southern Rock and Mischief that will be belting out bluegrass, rockabilly and hometown southern rock!

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Lo Country will also be preforming


Don't be thrown by the name, Lo Country plays rock 'n roll. Although country is definitely an influence, the band is also inspired by punk, metal, blues, reggae, and classic rock. Formed by singer/guitarist Brian "Bronco" Iler in 2007, Lo Country began playing gigs around Atlanta in 2008 as a three piece with "Big Peter" Bowers playing bass and William Allmon on drums. After many successful gigs in and around Atlanta, our heroes decided to improve on their unique sound.

We would like to thank each and everyone one of you!!!!!!

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