Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cathy's Help vice president

Due to countless efforts and dependability, my wife and I discussed the addition of a very important person to our foundation , Lisa Ballard is now the vice president of Cathy's Help. Lisa has went above and beyond what would be asked of a friend or family member. She has logged countless hours of work trying to spread the word on what we are doing with this foundation and has never asked for anything . We are only able to do so much ourselves. Meeting Mrs Ballard in 2010 on the Limpnickie Lot she told me that she wanted to help me with what ever we were doing with the Breast Cancer bike I built. Little did I know that she would take the reins and run anything that was needed. She has the ability to reach out and talk to people that I myself would never have the chance or the skill to do so. Lisa has made a tremendous impact on our lives personally and a great addition to Cathy's Help. My wife and I want to thank Mrs Ballard for all of her help and passion she has devoted .

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