Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thank you Jay Allen and the Broken Spoke Crowd

DSC_0180While we were at the Broken Spoke Saloon on Thursday for Limpnickie Lot/ Cycle Source night, the all –around great guy ,Jay Allen called me up to the stage. I didn’t know what he wanted but I was absolutely floored with the outcome. He had me explain Cathy's Help and introduce the bike to the massive crowd. Jay then handed me $100 from him, then Jeremy from S&S Cycles hits him with a $100.00 . Heading off stage ,a spokesperson from MOJO energy drink shows up and donates another $100.00. I was baffled, yet amazed and proceed to walk off stage only to be surrounded by people in the crowd handing me donations and well wishes. I still can’t believe this has happened and realized that we received $400.00 from the one night.

I would like to thank Jay Allen for his time and kindness. A big thank you to Mojo , but most of all everyone that reached into their pockets to help me. I know how hard it is for everyone and to see such a great display of mankind, will forever be in my heart. Please know that we will show who will receive the donations here real soon.


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